Discounts up to 40% on Price List for our footage. You just have to ask.

If you landed on this page, maybe you are interested in buying our videos at a very convenient price: Discounts up to 40% on Price List for our footage. We’ll explain how it works. Scattoselvaggio does not sell photographs and videos directly. That takes a lot of time and a further commitment. We prefer to spend our time shooting movies and taking photographs. Our footage is sold by the major video-marketing agencies. However, if you are interested in purchasing our videos, we are able to offer a big discount on the price list.

HD and FULL HD Video

20% discount

4K Video

40% discount

Discounts up to 40% on Price List for our footage

Why we do it?  What’s the cut?

No agency provides authors with information about who their customers are. This for obvious reasons of competition with other agencies and with the authors themselves.

However for the authors it is important to know where and how their works are used. Even more important for the author is being able to use that information as credits, acknowledgments or testimonials to improve its own image.

So in return for the discount, we ask you to tell us which project our material is used for and where it is published. We won’t ask you personal, very detailed and confidential information, just what’s enough to allow us to  show others the result of our work.

We greatly appreciate if, taking advantage of the discount, you will want to provide us with the information we need by inserting them in the appropriate fields of the form →
Contact Us For Discount...

If needed, we guarantee that the information you want to give us will not be used to offer you the direct sale of our products.

We reiterate that we sell only through agencies.

Information you provide to us may be published in the credits / acknowledgments / testimonials section of this site. You can contact us at any time to ask us to delete that information.

Otherwise our privacy policy apply and you are free to contact us when you want.

Discounts up to 40% on Price List for our footage

How does it work?

This can happen through Pond5, the only videostock agency that enables authors to define and modify the sale price for each of their clips.
Therefore, to get the discount, follow the steps described below:

locate in the portfolio of Scattoselvaggio at Pond5 the item you are interested in;

  1. Pond5 page Url of the Item;
  2. Resolution (4k or HD) for which to get the discount;
  3. Project in wich the item will be used (documentary, advertising, presentation, etc.);
  4. Where people can see the result of your work if it is not something secret or confidential (a link to a website, the title of a movie or the TV that broadcast it, etc.)

The more details you enter, the more you help us.

Soon as possible you will be notified of the change of market price. So you will be able to complete your discounted purchase. That depends on the times in which the Pond5 server updates the prices.

Hence we ask you to inform us when the purchase has been completed, so that we can quickly restore the original price.

In any case, barring complications, the original price will be restored within 24 hours.