Horseback Fox Hunting Drag Hunting Video Footage
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The Horseback Fox Hunting Drag Hunting Video Footage

Horseback Fox Hunting Drag Hunting Video Footage is often viewed as a typically traditional British activity, but hunting with hounds takes place all over the world. Plenty of other European countries have their own long tradition of hunting foxes with hounds. France, Italy and Ireland, for example, have thriving fox hunts.

It is an activity involving the tracking, chase and, if caught, the killing of a fox, traditionally a red fox, by trained foxhounds or other scent hounds, and a group of unarmed followers led by a “master of foxhounds” (“master of hounds”), who follow the hounds on foot or on horseback.

The sport is controversial, particularly in the UK. Proponents of fox hunting view it as an important part of rural culture, and useful for reasons of conservation and pest control, while opponents argue that it is cruel and unnecessary.

In conclusion, considering its cruelty, this form of hunting is nowadays banned in almost all countries and is replaced by drag hunting, where mounted riders hunt the trail of an artificially laid scent with hounds.

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The Horseback Fox Hunting Collection
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