Cheesemaking raw cow’s milk high pasture lands
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Cheesemaking raw cow’s milk high pasture lands Video Footage

The Cheesemaking raw cow’s milk high pasture lands video footage shows how people make mountain cheese . Also referred to as Mountain Branzi Cheese, this variety of cheese is produced in the mountainous region of Lombardy, Italy,  where the cows graze in alpine pastures.

Obviously there are many theories about the origins of cheese. Cheesemaking may have originated from nomadic herdsmen who stored milk in vessels made from the sheep’s and goats’ stomachs. Because their stomach linings contains a mix of lactic acid, wild bacteria as milk contaminants and rennet, the milk would ferment and coagulate.

Finally you will also find footage related to the lifestyle of the mountain people and  the activity of cattle breeders and lumberjacks. People shot in videos act naturally and spontaneously. 

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The cheesemaking from raw cow’s milk in high pasture lands collection
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