TourBox released the original TourBox Bluetooth controller aimed at creators in 2018. We reviewed it in 2020 and said, ‘The Tourbox’s unique combination of different controls sets itself apart from much of the competition, as does its price. However, the product could benefit from some more development work both in the hardware and software departments. And who knows, maybe a Pro version won’t be far down the line?’ Well, a ‘Pro’ version is here now in the form of the TourBox Elite.

The new TourBox Elite is currently available to back on Kickstarter, and has nearly tripled its goal at the time of writing. The new Elite version is a dual-channel Bluetooth controller that features pinpoint control (lag-free), a customizable UI and macro command. It includes ‘the most advanced haptic feedback technology’ and includes upgraded components.

The TourBox Elite is designed for a wide range of digital content creators, including photographers, digital artists, video editors, graphic designed and audio editors. The TourBox Elite is cross-platform and compatible with numerous applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and more. You can use TourBox Elite as a standalone device or in conjunction with a mouse and drawing tablet.

With its dial, knob and buttons, you can quickly perform tasks such as image rating, adjusting sliders and more. The TourBox Elite includes a wide-band motor for haptic feedback, so internal vibration provides feedback when using the rotary buttons on the TourBox Elite. Thanks to its Bluetooth LE 5.1 technology, the TourBox Elite promises to deliver strong connection performance and essential real-time interactivity with your computer and apps.

The TourBox Elite is available to back on Kickstarter. Backing options start at just under $200 and the first batch of TourBox Elite Bluetooth controllers are expected to ship by February 2022.

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