Earlier this month, DJI released its long-awaited Mavic 3 drone. While we were able to get our hands on a unit for our review, many of the new and improved shooting modes weren’t yet available to use. We have now confirmed these modes will be available in a forthcoming update set to be released at the start of next year.

In an email to DPReview, a DJI representative confirmed ActiveTrack 5.0, MasterShots, QuickShots, Hyperlapse, Panorama mode and Wifi Quick Transfer are all delayed until a future firmware update – set to be released in January 2022. While DJI now shows this on its Mavic 3 product page, it’s only denoted by a double asterisk with a brief disclaimer in the footnotes, as visible in the screenshot below.

If you go to buy a Mavic 3 on DJI’s official site, you’ll notice two asterisks next to features followed by a disclaimer stating they’ll be available with a firmware upgrade in January 2022.

It’s not clear when, exactly, in January 2022 we can expect the update. We will update this article accordingly when the update goes live.

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