Winners of the annual International Photographer Awards competition

The winners and finalists for the 19th annual International Photographer Awards (IPA) have been announced. Almost 14,000 images were submitted from photographers in 100 countries. 13 Professional and 13 Non-Professional category winners were each awarded $1,000 and $500 USD, respectively.

‘We’re honoured to have been able to share these incredible images with you, shining the spotlight on the brilliant and talented photographers who created them, and highlighting the vital role of photography as an art form and a medium of communication in the world today. We hope that you will also be inspired to take more photos yourself. And if you have great images to share, and important stories to tell, join the International Photography Awards community, share your images with us, so your talent and vision can be recognized and celebrated,’ says IPA founder Hossein Farmani.

The Grand Prize winners – Photographer of the Year and New Discovery of the Year 2021 – will be revealed at the Lucie Awards tomorrow, October 26th, at 7:00 PM, EST, via a live stream. These photos are a part of a series and can be viewed in the Winners section of IPA’s website.

Advertising Photographer of the Year: ‘Rush’ by John Huet

About: Ad campaign for Under Armour to introduce the new Rush clothing line.

Technical Info: N/A

Analog/Film Photographer of the Year: ‘Marées’ by Angélique Boissière

About: Portrait of Sarah in Ré island, France, from the “Marées” series, published in a book.

Technical Info: Rolleiflex and Kodak tri-x + Kodak Xtol

Architecture Photographer of the Year: ‘Flying Away’ by Julia Anna Gospodarou

About: This series is about traveling with your mind, flying like a bird to unknown territories and new experiences, living your life intensely being mindful of every moment. The Oculus structure in New York makes you think about a majestic white bird opening its wings to take flight.

Like a Phoenix bird, a symbol of the resilience of the people of this city and an homage to those we lost 2 decades ago here at Ground Zero. This series is an homage to those people and to life.

Technical Info: N/A

Book Photographer of the Year: ‘Flowers of the isthmus’ by Delphine Blast

About: In the Isthmus of Tehuantepec – Mexico – Zapotec women are known for their independence, strength and beauty. Their costume is a central element of their indigenous identity and is a symbol of fighting spirit. Delphine Blast highlights these women with her series of portraits.

She used Mexican oilcloths to frame these unique compositions. The book is a prolongation of Blast’s work. It is packaged in a flexible card sleeve. Some of the interior pages of the book are cut with a square window to allow the reader to play with frames and patterns. It contains a C-print signed by the author.

Technical Info: NIKON, D800, 50.0 mm F1.8, ISO : 100, 1/125, F16

Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year: ‘Shadows of Emmett Till’ by Bob Newman

About: This series of ten images is part of a long-term project focusing on Emmett Till and the Mississippi Delta taking into consideration what was and what is today.

Technical Info: Shutter: 1/100-1/250; Aperture: F4-11; ISO:100-800; full frame sensor

Editorial/Press Photographer of the Year: ‘Capitol Riot 1.6.21’ by Mel D Cole

About: The insurrection on Jan. 6 is a day that is still hard to believe happened. They risked their life to document the event of that horrible day and captured compelling images that should be in history books.

Technical Info: N/A

Event Photographer of the Year: ‘Qingshan King Festival’ by Chong Kok Yew

About: N/A

Technical Info: N/A

Fine Art Photographer of the Year: ‘Infinite Essence’ by Mikael Owunna

About: Responding to images of police killings of Black people, since 2016 I have worked to articulate an alternative vision of the Black body as the incarnation of the eternal cosmos. Using my engineering background, I built a camera flash that only transmits ultraviolet light, and in each photoshoot I begin by hand painting my sitters’ nude bodies with fluorescent paints that glow under ultraviolet light.

I click down on the shutter in total darkness, and for a fraction of a second their Black bodies illuminate as the universe, transfiguring the Black body into transcendent, ethereal vessels.

Technical Info: Canon 5D Mark IV, Ultraviolet Flash

People Photographer of the Year: ‘Lady Gaga’ by Art Schreiber

About: Lady Gaga for the cover of Variety.

Technical Info: N/A

Nature Photographer of the Year: ‘Beyond Horses’ by Liselotte Schuppers

About: My project ‘beyond horses’ is an ongoing photo project. Where I am fascinated by baroque Friesian stallions. In this series I work with the horses in a studio setting. where I have encounters with real personalities and their emotions.

Technical Info: Canon 5D Mark IV

Special Photographer of the Year: ‘Growing Up’ by Howard Schatz

About: I have studied over 200 children from childhood into their 20’s. I began some when they were newborns; I started photographing others about the time they could read and write. For all of them I made annual studio portraits and asked them to write answers to a series of questions, a kind of diary about their lives, their feelings, their hopes, their regrets.

I am interested in everything about human development, fascinated by maturation, growth, emotional, educational and physical development. This exploration has been a major 30 year odyssey that has yielded riches beyond my initial imagining.

Technical Info: N/A

Sports Photographer of the Year: ‘Action and Light’ by Andre Magarao

About: A exploration of the possibilities of using powerful studio flashes in different action sports. I’ve had the chance to shoot some of the best riders in the world at different parts of the world. I particularly like to work with water sports. It presents a good challenge and the water always add a nice character to the shots. I’ve also built this floating structure so the flashes can float on the lagoon.

Technical Info: Full Frame and Flashes

Still in Motion/Video Photographer of the Year: ‘Embers – A fashion film’ by Shilpa Narayanan

About: This body of work: Chronicled here is a collaboration in crafting an expressive body of art. To me it marks a blurring between reality and fantasy, inhabiting a fictive universe. They are the workings of imagination and a deeply shared love of beauty.

This fashion film is a culmination of artistic expression in all genres – photography, fine art and fashion. One of my biggest inspirations while shooting women have been sculptures. Their ethereal quality and understanding of form have influenced this body of work.

Technical Info: N/A

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