Photopea, a web-based photo and graphics editor akin to Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, has released its 5.2 update, bringing with it a collection of new and improved features, including color profile support, a CMYK mode, a noise reduction filter and more.

While the capabilities of Photopea are sparse compared to the likes of Adobe Photoshop, its ability to run from almost any browser on nearly any desktop device makes it an appealing offer, especially since it’s free to use.

This latest update makes it even more enticing thanks to the ability to detect the color space inside a file (PSD, JPG, PNG, etc.) and render that image in the correct color space within the browser. Photopea’s creator, programmer Ivan Kutskir of the Czech Republic, explains in the version 5.2 announcement post that the color space is maintained throughout editing and is saved with the image. You can also start new documents from scratch in the newly-supported color spaces. Of course, in order to notice the difference between sRGB and wide-gamut color spaces, you’ll need to have a monitor capable of displaying the extra color information.

On the flip side of the coin, Photopea also now supports CMYK color mode, which will show you how your image will look when printed with a color printer. The CMYK mode displays the image using the CMYK SWOP v2 color space, so it’s not going to be perfectly accurate with custom profiles, but it’ll get your images much closer to what the printed image will look like compared to sRGB or other monitor-specific color spaces.

Other features included in the 5.2 update includes support for stroke vector shapes, text background and stroke settings, a new ‘Reduce Noise’ filter, a ‘Match Color’ feature and a handful of bug fixes.

You can find out more information about the 5.2 update on the announcement blog post and try out Photopea for yourself. You can also keep up with the latest Photopea updates via the r/Photopea subreddit. A premium version of Photopea, which removes the ads, doubles the history cache and supports the developer, is available starting at $3.33/month if you purchase a full year up-front for $40.

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