Lens manufacturer Irix has filled the gap between its 15mm T2.6 and 45mm T1.5 cine lenses with a moderately wide 30mm T1.5 to bring the total number of options in the range to five.

This new lens joins the existing set—which includes the 11mm T4.3 and 150mm T3 models—made to cover sensors as wide as 43.3mm. The 30mm T1.5 lens will be available in mounts for cameras that record using full frame, Super35, MFT and 16mm sensors or crops.

Irix claims the optical design produces only 0.95% distortion and two High Refractive elements are used to keep the whole thing as compact as possible. It still weighs a ‘light-weight’ 1.1kg (2.4lbs) though, roughly in line with the other lenses in the series. The new lens also matches the 86mm filter thread and 95mm front mount for accessories that the other lenses use, and it offers its 0.8M gears on the 180°-throw focus and aperture rings in much the same position to make switching lenses easier. An 11-bladed iris is intended to produce attractive out-of-focus rendering.

The lens is weather-sealed, and features the company’s Magnetic Mount System that allows magnetic filters to affix to the filter thread and magnetic accessories to connect to the front of the lens. A magnetic lens hood is an optional accessory, and the company has redesigned the lens cap to slide over the front of the lens instead of clipping into it. The new cap has a flat front so the lens can be stored with the cap on a flat surface, and the cap comes marked with the focal length of the lens to make identification quicker. It appears the cap has labelling for multiple lenses, and can be switched between focal lengths.

The lens is available for order now in mounts for Canon EF, Arri PL, Canon RF, Sony E, MFT, Nikon Z and the L-mount, and users can choose between imperial and metric markings. The Irix 30mm T1.5 will cost $1195 in all options other than the PL mount which will be an extra $100. For more information see the Irix website.

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