Bryan Adams is not only a Canadian rock icon, but he’s also a talented photographer, and he’s photographing the 2022 Pirelli Calendar. Adams has been working as a photographer for more than a decade. Shooting the annual Pirelli calendar is a prestigious addition to Adams’s impressive résumé, joining the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Peter Lindbergh.

His lengthy career as a big-time musician makes it easier for Adams to connect with celebrity subjects, especially fellow musicians. Adams tells CNN, ‘There’s an almost instant understanding when we meet each other, even if we’ve never met each other before – the fact that you’re a musician and I’m a musician.’

Among much of the public, Adams remains best known for his hits, like ‘Summer of ’69” and ‘(Everything I Do) I Do it for You,’ but that doesn’t mean his photographic work hasn’t garnered attention in the industry. His work has been displayed at well-known galleries, like the Saatchi, and in exhibits worldwide. He’s been published in magazines, including British Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Adams has published five books as well.

It was announced in June that Adams would be shooting this year’s Pirelli calendar. The calendar was first launched in the 1960s by Italian tire company Pirelli, well-known among motorsports fans for its role as the tire supplier in Formula 1. The calendar has long showcased women, historically in suggestive pin-up portrait form. In recent years, the calendar has aimed for a more progressive approach, focusing less on titillation and more on highlighting social movements.

That’s not to say that Adams doesn’t want his calendar to be sexy. The photographer says the photos are intended to be ‘very sexy, without being overtly sexy.’ He added, ‘This is the new world.’

Each edition of the calendar has a theme. Adams has chosen ‘On the Road,’ and his calendar recreates the touring lifestyle of different celebrity musicians, including some men, which is an unusual inclusion among Pirelli calendars. Celebrities include Jennifer Hudson, Grimes, Iggy Pop and Rita Ora.

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Adams will draw on his own experience touring to connect with his models. Adams said, ‘You know, I can only do so much as a photographer. I can only set the scenario, and after then it’s up to the subject to make it work. And I will say that the more people give, then the better the photographs.’

For the gear-obsessed among us, what’s Bryan Adams using to shoot the calendar? Fuji Rumors reports that Adams is using a Fujifilm GFX 100S. He appears to be using a Fujinon GF 32-64mm F4 lens, at least in a behind-the-scenes image where Adams is photographing Cher.

We won’t be able to see Bryan Adams’s work for the Pirelli calendar until November. If it’s like his other work, it’s sure to impress. To view more of Bryan Adams’s photography, visit his website.

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