Negative Supply’s LM1 is a stylish, compact all-metal digital light meter

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Negative Supply has launched a pocket-sized digital light meter on Kickstarter, the LM1. The LM1 is designed to measure ambient light, aiding in accurate exposures, and it also measures color temperature, aiding in determining which filters or film stocks to use in a given situation.

The LM1 supports 1/3 stop adjustments for ISO, aperture and shutter speed via its 4-button design. The LM1 has a dedicated sync port for flash metering, complete with flash mode and remote triggering options.

With an integrated rechargeable battery, the LM1 promises up to several weeks of standby. The battery charges via a USB-C port and is fully charged within a couple of hours. The device includes an automatic sleep mode to help extend battery life in the field and includes a quick-wake feature, allowing the LM1 to be used nearly instantly.

The pocket-sized design is one of the primary selling points of the LM1. The device is 44mm (1.7″) wide, 90mm (3.5″) tall and 15mm (0.6″) deep, making it only a bit larger than a roll of 120 film. The LM1 features an all-metal body that is CNC-machined from aviation-grade aluminum or solid brass. There are multiple scratch-resistant anodized color options for aluminum LM1 and a black finish option for the brass LM1. The buttons and bulb are custom-molded, too. The device includes a strap attachment anchor, allowing you to carry the LM1 around with your favorite neck or wrist strap.

With its compact size and simple design, the LM1 has been designed for single-handed use. The light meter includes a backlit display with multiple viewing modes suitable for varied environments. The display has 144 x 168px resolution and is a TFT-LCD display.

Prototype LM1 in Negative Supply’s workshop

There are many light meters already on the market, so why make a new one with the LM1? The Kickstarter campaign states, ‘The electronic meters currently on the market are bulky, plastic, and don’t live up to the look and feel of the cameras we’ve all grown to love. We decided it was time to change that.’

Saxon McClamma, Co-Founder and Director of Design, adds, ‘The LM1 is the most complicated tool we’ve designed, and everything needed to come together perfectly to bring it to life. The experience of our incredible team of programmers, engineers, and manufacturing partners allowed us to create an elegant, timeless design without compromising functionality.’

Left: Brass LM1 after wear testing. Right: Anodized aluminum LM1 is available colors.

The LM1 has already eclipsed its funding goal of $50,000 and reached its first stretch goal of $100,000, which adds built-in shutter speed testing to the LM1. The second stretch goal of $125,000 has nearly been reached at the time of writing, and that goal adds filter factor calculation functionality.

Backer options for the LM1 start at $379 with special early bird pricing. The eventual MSRP when the LM1 launches (November 2021) will be $479. Additional backer options include an aluminum LM1 with special green, slate gray or silver colorways for $429 (regularly $529) and the LM1 in brass for $599 ($749 MSRP).

For additional information about the LM1 pocket-sized digital light meter and all backing options, visit Kickstarter.

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