Fujfilm’s X100 has been a huge success – a lovely, retro-styled compact camera that’s a joy to use and produces stunning images. Sporting a fixed, fast f/2 lens with a 36mm equivalent focal length, it offers a moderate wideangle field-of-view. This is suitable for a variety of subjects but it can be a little restrictive for some. That’s where the WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens comes in. This adapter screws onto the front of the lens to produce a focal-length equivalent to 28mm.

Though you’ll have to update to the latest version of the X100’s Firmware (v.1.30), the X100 handles as normal – AF remains, while it’s still possible to shoot wide-open at f/2 as well. The finish of the adapter is very good and matches the nice, matt metal finish of the X100.
As for the results, there is some barrel distortion evident in the Raw files, though this has been corrected for the JPEG files. Detail is good but don’t expect quite the same performance as the built-in lens.

If you’re an X100 owner, this is well worth considering if you need to get more in the frame and extend the flexibility of your camera.

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