Tokina’s atx-m 23mm F1.4 is one of two of the company’s new primes available for Fujifilm X-mount shooters. With a 35mm full-frame equivalent focal length, this lens is perfect for casual, candid, and street photography, even in low light.

Focus is snappy, accurate and near-silent when shooting at wider apertures. But the lens does occasionally hunt and can sometimes miss focus when stopped down. Sharpness looks good in the center of the frame, but corners show softness at wider apertures.

There’s no weather-sealing, but the build quality is impressive nonetheless. The lens mount and body are constructed of metal; the focus ring seems to be plastic. In terms of handling, the Tokina feels just right on the Fujifilm X-E4; heavy enough that you know it’s there but not too heavy. We’re not crazy about the clickless aperture ring for stills work, but an ‘auto’ setting at least lets you control the aperture from your camera body.

For a sense of the Tokina atx-m 23mm F1.4 X’s optical characteristics, including bokeh and lens flare examples, jump into our sample gallery below.

View our Tokina atx-m 23mm F1.4 X sample gallery

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