Winners of the 10th Annual Mobile Photography Awards

The annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPA) organizers have announced the winners and runners-up of their 10th annual competition. MPA is the longest-running international competition that recognizes and rewards photography captured on mobile phones or tablets.

Over 5,700 images were submitted from 75 countries. Participants entered their work into a broad range of 20 categories including Transportation, Street Photography, Photojournalism, Black & White, and Digital Fine Art. Dan Liu, a mobile photographer from China, won the title of MPA Photographer of the Year and a grand prize of $3,000 cash.

‘The winners of the 10th Annual Mobile Photography Awards are a testament to another year in the rapid evolution of mobile phone cameras,’ says MPA founder Daniel Berman, a photographer and filmmaker based near Toronto, Canada. He adds, ‘…the iPhone is still the most widely used by our entrants but this year we saw a larger variety of camera phones than ever before. Each competition we hold sees the quality of the submitted photos grow by leaps and bounds.’

Since its founding in 2011, the competition has produced over 35 gallery shows around the globe. All winning and finalist galleries, including Photo Essay winners, can be viewed here. MPA is currently accepting entries for its 2021 competition through December 11th.

Grand Prize Winner: ‘On Inle Lake’ by Dan Liu

Gear: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Description: Captured on Inle Lake in Myanmar, the lake is famous for its unique way of life – the local Intha community lives and works entirely on the water.

Photo Essay Winner, 1st Place: ‘Hot Dust and The Myth of Being a Man’ by Juliet Cope

Gear: iPhone

Description: In the UK, consistently since the fifties, three quarters of suicides have been male.

As a mother of two boys I want to investigate ‘Boy Culture’. What does it mean to raise a boy? What does it mean to be a man?

That perhaps the archetypes that we feed them, the unwavering hero, the silent, strong superhero are as stifling as the princess.

This is an ongoing, evolving project that intends to collate images of boyhood that investigate what it really means to grow up a boy.

Photo Essay Winner, 2nd Place: ‘Symphony in Red’ by Jane Schultz

Gear: iPhone

Description: With each movement of a symphony, the listener’s senses are stimulated by the music as its story slowly unfolds. It is an emotional & very personal experience that each member of the audience can feel but cannot actually see. In this series of six pieces, art and music blend together to create a visual symphony of raw emotion.

Led by the conductor’s sweeping gestures, the orchestra immediately captures our attention & keeps us entranced until the final notes of the symphony fade away into the perimeters of the concert hall.

Each image forms part of the whole story: a composition overflowing with minor tones and repetitive canons, building into a stormy crescendo that takes us through a familiar tale of star-crossed lovers. It is an unconventional symphony filled with augmented chords & ambiguous melodies that mimic the complexities of an unpredictable and turbulent year.

Photo Essay Winner, 3rd Place: ‘Beach Fishing’ by Mal McCann

Description: Fishermen take part in a Beach Fishing competition at Carnlough, Co Antrim, Ireland.

Architecture Winner: ‘Urban Pastel’ by Halu C

Gear: iPhone X

Description: A woman and a boy wearing the same colors of clothes as the facade by chance passed by.

1st Place Winner, Black and White: ‘Horse Play’ by Alessandra Manzotti

Gear: iPhone 5C

Description: Horsing around.

1st Place Winner, Digital Fine Art: ‘Movie Night’ by John Nieto

Gear: iPhone 7 Plus

Description: Movie night, March 10th (in San Francisco, California).

1st Place Winner, Eyes of the World: ‘Cantonese Opera II’ by Queenie Cheen

Gear: Vivo X50 Pro

Description: The shooting experience was amazing and very different from any other shootings I’ve been part of so far. Maybe because I’ve been involved into each step of the process for the first time. Special shout out to Vivo, they give me support and trust to achieve my vision.

Teams and colleagues did a very good job to create this fabulous image tools so I feel very proud to be a part of this production. Thanks to Lakita team which was very responsive and efficient to all the producer’s requests.

And of course thanks to The Cantonese Opera Theatre of Guangzhou for their amazing cooperation. That was my first collaboration with Canton Opera and I still can feel these strong charming feelings from the traditional Chinese art.

1st Place Winner, People: ‘Look Back’ by Rohan Sajeev

Gear: Google Pixel 3

Description: Happy Holi, 2020!

1st Place Winner, Photojournalism: ‘Small Town Protest’ by Stephanie Calabrese

Gear: iPhone X

Description: A handful of years ago, I was one of those people who didn’t think racism was still a problem. Someone who said, ‘I don’t see color.’ I didn’t want to believe it was true. But an honest conversation with a friend cracked that veneer. More difficult conversations, an intense workshop with the Racial Equity Institute in ATL, and several years of research have taught me otherwise.

This is why I don’t give up on white people who do not yet see the fullness of the truth. It’s uncomfortable, inconvenient and requires a deep introspective look that calls to light ways in which we’ve consciously and subconsciously contributed to the problem.

Not fun, but truly necessary if you believe our collective humanity is more important than your individual existence. I’m turning my energy away from frustrating debates and toward education… finishing my documentary film. Two years in. More to come.

Screenshot from a protest here in Monroe, GA last Tuesday. Name of this courageous young woman leading chants intentionally omitted.

1st Place Winner, Street Photography: ‘Stuart Street – Boston’ by Jeff Larason

Gear: iPhone 7

Description: From my window (at the W Hotel Boston, Massachusetts)

1st Place Winner, The Darkness|Noir: ‘Late Night’ by George Koutsouvelis

Gear: iPhone 8 Plus

Description: Late night, Athens.

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