It looks a lot like DJI is preparing to launch a new drone. In fact, if an early unboxing video is anything to go by, we’re going to see a new category of DJI drone.

In the video we see a drone that’s designed, first and foremost to be used using FPV goggles as the monitor. In fact, the combo pack unboxed features those goggles which seem to feature antenna, undoubtely to ensure a reliable connection over distance.

As for the drone itself, that’s also quite different to the foldable Mavic-style drones we’re used to seeing on the consumer market. 

Rather than sit underneath the drone, the camera is mounted higher up in the nose, with the body featuring a much more bulbous and rounded look than the shark-nose style Mavic series. 

Rigid arms mean they won’t fold up for more compact stowing, but also those arms are at different heights, with the rear arms  much higher than the front ones and the blades appearing to sit at a near 45-degree angle. 

The DJI FPV drone was first unboxed by Dominion Drones but then taken down, but not before it was re-uploaded by SpiderMonkey FPV’s channel: 

DJI hasn’t officially announced the FPV yet, but given that it’s turned up in official retail guise online, and someone’s already unboxed it, it’s safe to assume the actual launch can’t be too far away.

Author: Cam Bunton Go to Source