World Photography Organisation announces the 2021 National Awards winners

The National Awards program was created by Sony, along with the World Photography Organisation, to identify and support local photographic communities around the world. Over 330,000 images were submitted from 220 territories for Sony’s 2021 World Photography Awards. From that pool, 165,000 qualified for the Open Competition – where National Awards winners were selected.

Sony World Photography Awards competitions are free to enter and winners receive a selection of imaging gear. The Open Competition has 10 categories and single images are presented anonymously for evaluation to a panel of judges. All National Awards winners can be viewed here.

Winner, National Awards, 2021: ‘Geneva Under Thunder’ by Raphael Barbar (Switzerland)

Artist Statement: I took this picture from the Salève, a mountain near Geneva. I was coming home from work when I saw the storm, so got out to take some pictures.

Winner, National Awards, 2021: ‘Foggy Morning Fishing’ by Min Min Zaw (Myanmar)

Artist Statement: This scene shows a father and son catching fish early one winter morning. In Myanmar, children work with their parents to bring in an income for the whole family.

Winner, National Awards, 2021: ‘The Queen’ by Naser Alomari (Kuwait)

Artist Statement: This photo was taken in Kuwait. I use Mavic air 2 for this photo. It is hard to choose motion technique specially with drone, After many shots am happy with this result.

3rd Place, National Awards, 2021: ‘Battlefield’ by Yu-Liang Chueh (Taiwan)

Artist Statement: For the people of Taitung in Taiwan, the Bombing of Master Handan is the highlight of the annual Lantern Festival; it’s a cultural ritual I attend every year. While most spectators concentrated on the sedan chair, I noticed the firecracker thrower below, with the scene looking just like a battlefield.

Winner, National Awards, 2021: ‘Extraterrestrial Earth – Mars’ by Eniz Karadzha (Bulgaria)

Artist Statement: This dam is usually full, but had dried up. Scenes such as this show the effects of climate change are becoming more obvious. After a couple of weeks spent studying the angle of the sun, not to mention a bit of luck, I managed to take the image I’d hoped for.

3rd Place, National Awards, 2021: ‘Fertility’ by S. Muramatsu (Japan)

Artist Statement: This picture aims to represent fertility, with floating clouds, wheat fields, snow fields and the earth.

Winner, National Awards, 2021: ‘Back to Beginning III’ by Höije Nuuter (Estonia)

Artist Statement: The ball in this image was originally a Christmas decoration. I couldn’t find a pure matte-white ball in the shops, so I painted one instead, then took a series of images in a quarry, and made a composite of them in Photoshop.

2nd Place, National Awards, 2021: ‘Girl in Sunshine’ by Chia Jung Chou (Taiwan)

Photo Description: New Taipei Metropolitan Park.

Winner, National Awards, 2021: ‘Horse Against Black Background’ by Michaela Steiner (Austria)

Artist Statement: I photographed this beautiful horse in the entrance to its stable, using only natural light and a black background.

Winner, National Awards, 2021: ‘Hourglass’ by Patrick Mueller (United States)

Photo Description: A snaking dune in Death Valley meets the saddle of the surrounding mountains.

Winner, National Awards, 2021: ‘Astroturf’ by Mehmet Aslan (Turkey)

Artist Statement: The pandemic has affected everyone. Since places of worship are closed, these men pray on the Astroturf pitch, while adhering to social distancing.

2nd Place, National Awards, 2021: ‘Autumn Snake’ by Hiroki Nose (Japan)

Artist Statement: This is an aerial photograph of a mountain road in Hakone, Japan. The path, when seen from the sky, looked like a snake. Photographed in autumn, the leaves of the colored trees were extremely beautiful.

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