The top 10 most popular cameras of 2020

We’ve taken a look back at our year of Instagram posts to the @DPReview account and compiled the 10 most popular cameras of 2020, based on most ‘likes’ to a single post. This seemed like a fun way to relive some of the biggest launches and camera news of the year.

One brand in particular accounted for more than half of our top ten. Can you guess which?

#10 Fujifilm GFX 100

Our #10 most popular camera of the year, according to our Instagram, is the Fujifilm GFX 100. While it did not debut in 2020, it did receive significant firmware updates over the course of the year, adding a suite of new features including Raw video out, gimbal support, new film simulations, and a 400MP high-res mode.

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Photo: Dan Bracaglia

#9 Nikon Z7 and D850

Our #9 most popular camera(s) of 2020 is a tie between the Nikon Z7 and D850. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from attending tradeshows and industry events it’s that there’s almost always gear cut-in-half on display, somewhere. Moreover, we know our readers love seeing the ‘guts’ of cameras and lenses, which is why this post was shared at the start of the Covid lockdown, to help lighten the mood.

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Photo: Barney Britton

#8 Fujifilm X-T3

The Fujifilm X-T3 is also not a new camera for 2020, but one that received major autofocus improvements, bringing its performance in-line with the X-T4, all via firmware. These updates are a great example of Fujiflm’s commitment to older products. Because while the X-T3 may be more than 2-years-old at this point, it continues to provide fantastic bang-for-the-buck. No wonder it’s our favorite camera under $1500.

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Photo: Dan Bracaglia

#7 Zeiss ZX1

A good 2 years after being announced at Photokina, Zeiss’ full-frame, fixed-lens, Android-running, Lightroom-capable, memory card-free camera finally became a reality (for consumers to actually purchase) in 2020. And the confirmation of its price ($6000) and shipping date secured the Zeiss ZX1 a spot as our seventh most popular camera of the year.

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#6 Sony a7C

The announcement of Sony’s compact, full-frame a7C in September of this year secured it the #6 spot on our list. The Sony a7C sports a 24MP BSI CMOS sensor, the brand’s ‘Real-time tracking’ AF, 4K/30p video, impressive battery life and 10 fps shooting. In short, it’s a real peach, and its popularity comes as no surprise to us. Also, did we mention it’s one of our favorite travel cameras of 2020?

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Photo: Richard Butler

#5 Fujifilm X-S10

Another crowd-favorite 2020 camera debut – both on Instagram and on the DPR homepage – is the Fujifilm X-S10. It offers a stabilized 26MP X-Trans sensor, the same processor and AF capability as the flagship X-T4 and a most-generous grip. Priced at $1000 MSRP (body-only), there’s good reason this camera also earned a 2020 DPR Award as our pick for ‘Best entry-level ILC.’

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#4 Fujifilm X100V

Fujifilm sure was busy this year, and perhaps you’ve already guessed, this won’t be their final camera on our list. Announced back in February, the Fujifilm X100V has proven to be nothing short of a smash hit, thanks to a thorough facelift over its predecessor. Improvements include a new sensor, updated lens, updated EVF, a new tilting touchscreen and proper weather-sealing. It also received a 2020 DPR Award for ‘Best fixed-lens camera,’ and was picked by fellow editor Barney as his favorite gear of the year.

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Photo: Barney Britton

#3 Fujifilm X-T4

Also announced in February of this year is the latest X-mount flagship, the Fujifilm X-T4. It touts a stabilized 26MP X-Trans APS-C sensor, 4K/60p video capture, 20 fps shooting with AF, a lovely 3.68M-dot OLED EVF, a fully articulating touchscreen, twin card slots and more! All this adds up to a super-capable camera, whether you plan to use it for stills, video or both. And its debut post proved to be our third most popular on Instagram in 2020.

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Photo: Dan Bracaglia

#2 Pixii camera

The #2 spot belongs to the Pixii camera, a small-production, M-mount, digital rangefinder sporting a 12MP APS-C sensor and no rear display. Priced at ~$3000, it’s certainly not a camera for everyone. But the cool/classic design + the weird factor = our second most popular Instagram post of the year.

#1 Fujifiilm X-Pro3

Pump up the Ludacris, because Fujifilm is here for the number one spot. Announced at the end of 2019, the Fujifilm X-Pro3 is perhaps the brand’s most adventurous digital camera in recent years. With a hidden screen for waist-level shooting and sporting Fufjilm’s latest tech, the X-Pro3 is a highly capable camera for the photographic purist and our most popular camera of 2020, at least, according to Instagram.

Follow us on Instagram for more handsome photos of handsome cameras. Happy New Years, y’all!

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Photo: Dan Bracaglia

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