DJI is close to launching a follow up to its popular, tiny drone: the Mavic Mini. Having seemingly gone on sale early at a Best Buy store in the States, the sequel has been unboxed and all important specs revealed before the company wanted us to know about it. 

In a similar move to its handheld cameras and gimbals – which dropped their ‘Osmo’ branding – the next tiny drone (or ‘FlyCam’ as DJI calls it) is dropping the ‘Mavic’ moniker and instead will simply be called the DJI Mini 2. 

Like its predecessor, the Mini 2 will retain that sub-250 gram weight to ensure it’s not restricted by regulations and can be bought and flown by anyone without the need for sitting tests and registering as a pilot. 

You can check out the unboxing below: 

Crucially though it’s going to improve in a number of areas over the first generation. That means it can shoot 4K video, and it comes with the new controller that shipped with the Mavic Air 2 earlier in the year. 

That – in turn – means it enables OcuSync 2.0 support and better range and communication between the controller and the drone. It’ll have a 10km communication range,  which is much further than the first-gen.

As a bonus, the battery life has also been increased up to 31 minutes. It’s also suggested that the motors have been upgraded to make it more capable of withstanding wind, and also increases the drone’s top flight speed. 

No official launch date has been announced yet, however, it seems very likely that it’ll be soon, possibly in early November. 

Author: Cam Bunton Go to Source