Winners of the 2020 Int’l Photography Awards

This year’s International Photography Awards (IPA) received over 13,000 submissions from 120 countries. Judges selected winners and finalists for 13 categories and they were announced on Tuesday, October 27th.

‘In these unprecedented times, this year’s entries reflect some of the biggest challenges facing our generation–not the least of which is dealing with a virus which, for the first time, is an event that has affected every person on earth in some way. We see photography at its best–whether covering the COVID pandemic, or the world’s uprising against injustice–the images captured are breathtaking. I can easily say these are the best images I have seen in the last decades,’ says Hossein Farmani, IPA’s founder and president.

This slideshow contains images from Professional Category winners who received the Lucie Trophy and a $10,000 cash prize. The Non-Professional/Student Finalists for “DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR,” who were awarded a Lucie Trophy and $5,000 cash prize, can be found here. The final winners of the Pro and Non-Pro titles will be announced in an online event later this year and will be recognized at the Lucie Trophy at the 2021 Lucie Awards event.

Analog/Film Photographer Of the Year: ‘New Seas’ by Paulius Makauskas (Lithuania)

Artist Statement: Timothy Morton thinks of climate change as a ‘hyperobject’ – an incomprehensibly large object stretched in the space-time. Recognizable only in parts, but never all at once.

Microplastics are barely noticeable particles, but at the same time omnipresent in the ocean. I imagined them as synthetic plankton of all conceivable colors, invisibly wandering from one place to another. I have spent a great deal of time by the sea, so it was easier for me to see that the white ridges of waves creates boundless white-gray paper in space and time. I only needed to fill it with light to reveal the invisible.

Technical Info: 4×5, Fuji Provia 100, 40 – 50 min exposure, 210mm

Architecture Photographer Of the Year: ‘From the Stage’ by Jesús M. Chamizo (Spain)

Artist Statement: El teatro puede convertir el escenario en un templo, y el espacio de actuación, en algo sagrado. En el sur de Asia, los artistas tocan con reverencia el suelo del escenario antes de pisarlo, una antigua tradición donde se entrelazan lo espiritual y lo cultural.

Este es mi especial homenaje al Templo del Teatro y lo que representa, una noble labor cultural que ayuda a la humanidad a crecer. Contemplado desde el escenario, observamos ese majestuoso espacio vacío, que adquiere un doble significado. De asombro, pero también de esperanza, con este mensaje: ”La representación, sin duda…continuará.

Translated (Machine): The theater can turn the stage into a temple and the performance space into something sacred. In South Asia, artists reverently touch the floor of the stage before stepping on it, an ancient tradition where the spiritual and the cultural intertwine.

This is my special tribute to the Temple of the Theater and what it represents, a noble cultural work that helps humanity to grow. Contemplated from the stage, we observe that majestic empty space, which acquires a double meaning. Of astonishment, but also of hope, with this message: ”The performance, without a doubt… will continue.

Technical Info: Nikon, varias ópticas

Book Photographer Of the Year: ‘ANTARCTICA: The Waking Giant’ by Sebastian Copeland (Germany)

Artist Statement: This book documents over a decade’s worth of trips on and around Antarctica. While the coast stirs up visions of a lost world, it is the interior that hints to another planet. I spent 84 days crossing its lifeless plateau with no help but skis and kites.

Temperatures never warmed above -35C, a challenge on everything, particularly the equipment. My research gave me a deeper perspective on the variations taking place at the hands of climate change. The images I bring back tell the story of a changing environment which spells the oncoming re-drawing of the world’s map, and all that it implicates.

Deeper Perspective Photographer Of the Year: ‘Exodus’ by Nicolo Filippo Rosso (Columbia)

Artist Statement: This project chronicles the epic journey of the Venezuelan migrants, driven by desperation and hunger, at the stake of forces beyond their control. Two years ago, I decided to document their story and self-funded the project Exodus.

Spending weeks, and months at a time, in some of the border areas, I traveled alongside migrants who call themselves ‘the walkers.’ They were taking a long journey from the eastern Colombian border, through the Andes, up to the capital city, Bogotá. This series of photographs is the result of the time spent with them.

Editorial / Press Photographer Of the Year: ‘Pro Democracy Demonstrations, Hong Kong: The Revolution of Our Time’ by Kiran Ridley (France)

Artist Statement: On June 9th 2019, an estimated one million people took to the streets of Hong Kong to march in protest to the government’s proposed Extradition Bill, allowing citizens to be extradited to mainland China for prosecution.

Since that day, Hong Kong has been plunged into a political crisis, with waves of demonstrations and violent clashes between Police and protestors with an alarming rise in the number of police brutality and misconduct allegations, as protests morphed into a wider call for democratic rights and freedom in the semi-autonomous city.

Technical Info: Canon EOS 1Dx Mark ii, Canon 24-70mm f2.8L

Event Photographer of the Year: ‘Elements’ by Katja Ogrin (United Kingdom)

Artist Statement: Exploring the elements of live music performance such as water, fire, smoke and other pyro effects that enhance the visual impact for the viewing audience.

Fine Art Photographer of the Year: ‘Looking out from Within, 2020’ by Julia Fullerton-Batten (United Kingdom)

Artist Statement: Looking Out from Within, 2020 Covid-19 came. Life changed. Probably irrevocably. I felt numb. Couldn’t stand around helpless. I decided to document the new daily existence of millions. I advertised my idea on social media and through my local paper in West London. The response was enormous. Imprisoned in their home, they gaze forlornly out of their window onto a different desolate world outside.

Technical Info: f5.6, 1/30th sec.

Nature Photographer Of the Year: ‘Black Mountain’ by Ari Rex (Australia)

Artist Statement: On January 2019 Canberra had one of the most spectacular lightning storms ever. It passed the city from West to East over the black mountains and continued towards Brindabella mountains.

Technical Info: Canon EOS 5D Mark iii 88mm, x16, 4″, f5.6, ISO 640

People Photographer Of the Year: ‘Odilo Lawiny – Handmade Soccer Balls’ by Brian Hodges (Australia)

Artist Statement: Miles from the main roads in rural Uganda, soccer balls bounce unevenly. Playing fields are arid, lush, weedy, sandy—any flattish space will do. Some feet are bare, others shod in fraying sneakers, boots, or rubber sandals. Yet children kick and chase handmade, lopsided balls with skill and abandon, competing for pride and joy—for the sheer pleasure of playing.

The balls are spun into being with whatever’s at hand: rag or sock, tire or bark, plastic bag or banana leaves. Made entirely of recuperated materials, they give another life to something that would otherwise just be thrown away.

Technical Info: Leica S

Special Photographer Of the Year: ‘The Silent Menace’ by Toby Heikkila (Canada)

Artist Statement: An eerily quiet downtown Calgary during what normally is rush hour. The only inhabitant, a silent menace. Unseen and invisible.

Technical Info: Sony, 7rm2, FE 55mm f1.8

Sports Photographer Of the Year: ‘Bodies of the NFL’ by Howard Schatz (United States)

Artist Statement: The body type informs what position a player plays. The position necessitates the body type All NFL players.

Still in Motion / Video Photographer Of the Year: ‘The Journey to the Land of Dreams’ by Iwona Podlasinska (Poland)

Artist Statement: The video is a series of moving pictures that tell the story of an imaginary journey to the wintry land of dreams. Children shown in the photos travel by horses, trains or on foot to finally reach the land of imagination. The video was created by Zaman Dizini with photos taken by Iwona Podlasińska.

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