Fujifilm has issued firmware updates to the GFX100 and GFX 50 models, with the 100MP camera gaining the most significant improvements.

The GFX100 will gain the ability to output a Raw video stream that can be encoded in Apple’s ProRes RAW format by an Atomos Ninja V recorder. This provides a much wider degree of processing latitude than the gamma-encoded, compressed files the camera saves internally.

In addition, the firmware expands the camera’s USB control protocol, giving more control over the camera’s settings when shooting tethered, and allowing remote control of various camera features when mounted on a drone or gimbal.

Face and eye detection AF is said to be improved, as is the performance of phase detection AF in low light. New focus bracketing options have also been added.

Finally, the GFX100 gains the Classic Neg and Eterna Bleach Bypass Film Simulations introduced since its launch.

GFX 50S and 50R users also gain Classic Neg, along with the original Eterna Film Simulation mode in an update to their cameras. This update also adds the subtle skin-smoothing feature from the GFX 100.

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