Oh hi, didn’t see you there! Welcome to the DPReview Virtual Camera Museum.

Feel free to look around, we have an impressive collection. Down this hall you’ll find Unique Cameras from the Dawn of Digital Photography. And beyond that is the Samsung NX1 Memorial Garden – it’s really lovely this time of year. But you’re probably here to see our special exhibit: the Digital Camera Hall of Shame.

Please note that the museum is not responsible for any emotional damage caused by this exhibit, and the curators would like to stress that it is meant in good humor. At least the manufacturers featured here were trying to do something different with their cameras – not just the usual black-or-silver-rectangle with a lens on the front. They just missed the mark, in our opinion.

As you navigate the exhibit you’ll notice a progression from what we consider minor infractions – mere lapses of judgement – at the beginning, to the most egregious transgressions in camera design history towards the end.

Take your time, and please fill out the survey at the end and let us know if you’d rank them differently!

Exhibit A: Compacts gone wrong

Here you’ll find a range of design missteps from manufacturers trying to break free of the mold. Don’t worry, they’re harmless.

Exhibit B: Homely, but great personalities!

These cameras dared to do something different and look different. They aren’t all-out abominations, they’re just a little… unusual.

Exhibit C: Just… no

As Werner Herzog once said of WrestleMania, “A poet must not avert his eyes.”

Thanks for visiting! Do take a moment to answer the survey below, and fill out a comment card to let us know what exhibits you’d like to see us host in the future. Our curators are always listening!

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Hasselblad Lunar

Pentax K-01

Leica M-P Rolf Sachs Special Edition

Brikk 24k gold Nikon Df

Sony a330

Sigma dp2 Quattro

Lytro Light Field Camera

Olympus E-300

Canon PowerShot TX1

Fujifilm Q1

Sony DSC-F505V

Canon PowerShot D10

Fujifilm 3D W1

Nikon Coolpix 300

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