Australian accessories manufacturer Lucky has announced a new line of camera straps that feature new alloy clips that allow the strap to be taken off in a matter of seconds. A hoop of webbing is passed through a sprung clip and hooks on to the new clip and a safety latch is activated to ensure the clip doesn’t open by accident.

The company says the idea was to produce a quick release system that doesn’t need any attachments that have to be left on the camera when the strap isn’t in use. Users can then fit the camera into underwater housing for example without having to remove attachments from the camera’s lugs to make it fit.

Lucky has manufactured the webbing on the straps from a non-woven material called Dyneema that is claimed to be very strong and which makes the Lucky straps cut resistant. The company says the webbing isn’t cut-proof but demonstrates in a video that it can withstand rough treatment from a pair of scissors with only minor damage.

The straps are designed to be worn across the body and feature leather shoulder grips which can be personalized or there’s a choice of cotton. As well as regular and long length straps the company has introduced a wrist strap that uses the same quick-release system and webbing.

It’s worth noting the quick-release system bears a striking resemblance to that found on Peak Design’s Clutch hand strap, which also uses a carabiner-style quick-release system for attaching and detaching the strap from the camera.

The straps with the new quick-release system cost up to AUS $140/US $91, while the wrist straps are AUS $95/US $62.

For more information see the Lucky Straps website

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