Hasselblad has released an update to its Phocus image processing applications for both desktop and mobile devices. Phocus 3.5 for desktop brings a number of new and improved features, while the Phocus Mobile 2 update is more incremental with only a few small changes.

Phocus 3.5

Phocus version 3.5 brings a number of new tools and features, including. Specifically, Hasselblad has added a new defringe tool for removing green and purple fringes. The tool will automatically detect and correct for fringing, but also offers manual controls for more precise edits. The brightness and contrast adjustments have also been updated with ‘enhanced algorithms’ that should create more precise tonal adjustments than previous versions.

Hasselblad has also added a new ‘Luma Mode’ to the curves tool for controlling the luminosity of an image with less impact on the colors of an image compared to using the RGB curve mode. Finally, to smooth things out, Hasselblad has increased GPU usage within Phocus 3.5, which should help increase performance, specifically when viewing and exporting high-resolution images. Hasselblad notes the ‘Extended GPU usage option’ must be active within the settings/preferences in order to get the boost from your computer’s GPU.

Phocus Mobile 2 version 1.0.1

Phocus Mobile 2 version 1.0.1 makes only a few changes. In addition to general performance improvements, Hasselblad has also added lens correction support for its XCD 45P and added the ability to zoom and scroll around images immediately after they’re loaded into the viewer within the app.

Phocus Mobile 2 is available on iOS and iPadOS. Hasselblad has an overview video walking through the core functionality of the app if you want to familiarize yourself with the app.

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