Al Clark, an award-winning automotive filmmaker, captured a record-breaking event over 2 years ago. Professional race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya accelerated a Bugatti Chiron 1,500 PS super car from 0 to 400 km/h (250 mph), and back down to standstill, in less than 42 seconds. As of now, the impressive feat has been viewed over 40,000,000 times on YouTube and possibly up to 100,000,000, on other social media channels, according to Clark.

He recently created a behind-the-scenes feature explaining his inspiration for the clip along with how he managed to film that 0-400-0 km/h maneuver – which took place on parent company Volkswagen Group’s test track facility in Ehra-Lessien, Germany. Regarding the choice to use a helicopter for capturing aerial sections of the footage, Clark says ‘you would never be able to shoot this film with a drone. A drone would be not only too slow, but just not able to stay in the air long enough.’

Unlike a drone, a helicopter can stay in the air for up to an hour and more. This is what Clark needed to get the perfect aerial footage.

While a drone wasn’t deployed, DJI’s Zenmuse X5 camera, typically used on its Inspire models, played a key role in capturing the Chiron as it approached its highest speeds. The footage turned out to be so smooth that the team added in a bit of shaking during post-production to make it look more natural. While you’ll have to watch the video, above, to find out Clark managed to pull this stunt off, he insists that ‘it wasn’t a (Toyota) Supra.’ Viewers are encouraged to fast forward to the 7:11 minute mark if they can’t wait for the big reveal.

Due to popular demand, Clark plans on adding more behind-the-scenes stories to his YouTube channel. You can also follow him, and other key members involved in the shoot, on Instagram at @outrunfilms, @alclark, and @michaelrockperring.

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