Rogue Photographic Design has released a new version of its popular FlashBender shapeable reflectors and softboxes for speedlights. The FlashBender v3 (shown above in the large size) incorporates numerous new features and improvements when compared to the v2, including a new internal mesh structure, quick-release buckle and more.

While the FlashBender v2 was compatible with strobes and speedlights of many sizes, the new v3 has been designed for even more compatibility. With its new grippier attachment strap, the v3 can fit strobes as small as 17cm (6.7″) and as large as 43cm (17″). The v2 could fit flashes and strobes from 19cm (7.5″) to just under 25cm (9.75″).

Rogue lists a variety of compatible flashes on its website, including speedlights from Canon, Godox, Nikon, Nissin, Olympus, Profoto and Sony. The mount is incorporated into the FlashBender v3 itself, so there’s no need for additional accessories or mounts when attaching the v3 to your flash.

With its new internal mesh structure, the FlashBender v3 can be more easily shaped to your needs and is better at maintaining its position. Compared to the v2, the FlashBender v3 makes it easier to shape and direct light where you need it.

Compared to the Rogue FlashBender v2 (left), the FlashBender v3 (right) has an improved strap and quick-release buckle. The new v3 is also compatible with a wider range of flashes and strobes than its predecessor. With its new internal mesh structure, the FlashBender v3 allows for better control over the direction of light than the v2 as well.

The FlashBender v3 maintains the same compact form factor as its predecessor, ensuring that you can easily fold it in half to pack it away when transporting your gear. To make the FlashBender v3 even easier to use, it incorporates a new quick-release buckle. One minor tradeoff for the improved usability and design is that the FlashBender v3 weighs slightly more than its predecessor. For example, the FlashBender v3 Large Reflector weighs 170g (6oz), whereas the v2 weighs 135g (4.8oz).

For those unfamiliar with the Rogue FlashBender, it is available in various configurations, including a large reflector, large softbox, small reflector, small softbox and an XL pro lighting system. With the reflector kits, you can use the FlashBender v3 to reflect and soften the light from your speedlight or strobe, allowing you to easily set up main, background, accent or hair lights. You can also use the FlashBender to easily direct and bounce light off existing reflective surfaces, such as a white ceiling. Compared to a diffuser, the FlashBender allows for more control of where your light is directed, allowing the photographer to opt for lower power settings or be able to take better photos in direct outdoor sunlight.

The FlashBender v3 softbox kits come with a FlashBender v3 reflector and also includes a diffusion panel, allowing you to create even softer light and eliminate bounce flash if you are working in an area with off-color ceilings. When using FlashBender v3, either attached to an on-camera flash or when using off-camera remote flash, you can shape it to create a reflector/gobo, snoot (tube) or softbox.

The Rogue FlashBender v3 is available in an XL Pro Lighting System kit (shown here) for $119.95. This kit comes with an extra-large Pro Reflector v3, extra-large Pro Diffuser v3 and Rogue’s Pro Strip Grid v3.

The Rogue FlashBender v3 is available in the following kits: Large Reflector ($44.95 USD), Large Soft Box Kit ($59.95), Small Reflector ($39.95), Small Soft Box Kit ($49.95) and XL Pro Lighting System ($119.95). The softbox kits include a reflector plus a diffusion panel. The XL Pro Lighting System includes an extra-large Pro Reflector v3, Pro Diffusion Panel v3 and Pro Strip Grid v3. For owners of the FlashBender or FlashBender v2, it is worth noting that existing versions of Rogue Diffusion Panels are not compatible with the new hook and loop modifications on the FlashBender v3.

For more information on the new Rogue FlashBender v3, visit the Rogue Photographic Design website.

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