Sony World Photography announces 2020 National Awards Winners

Recently, the World Photography Organisation announced Sony World Photography’s National Awards 2020 winners. The National Awards program was developed to support and celebrate local photographic talent from 63 countries and regions around the globe. All images entered into the Open competition are considered for a National Award. Over 190,000 were submitted this year, the highest number yet according to organizers.

‘Winning a National Award was a huge reward for my hard work and this acknowledgment has made me focus even more on my work as a photographer. Sony and the World Photography Organisation have helped me gain some extraordinary exposure around the world,’ says Mikkel Beiter, Winner of the 2018 Denmark National Award.

Sony’s World Photography Awards is now in its 13th year. Its mission is to highlight work from photographers of all ages and abilities so they have a global voice. A full list of countries and regions the National Awards program represents can be found here.

1st Place, National Awards: ‘Flamingo Fly Over Lake Magadi’ by Hong Chen (Hong Kong)

About this photo: ‘The water forms many unique colors and shapes, when Flamingo fly over the Lake Magadi, Kenya. I shot this from a helicopter.’

2nd Place, National Awards: ‘Video to Jacks’ by Kam Moon Lai (Hong Kong)

About this photo: ‘The photo was taken at Sipadan on 8-9-2019. I saw a School of Jack fishes swimming towards to the diver who was taking video for them. At such moment I took this photo.’

3rd Place, National Awards: ‘Water Magic’ by Isao Tabayashi (Japan)

About this photo: This is a reflection of the water gate at the ferry crossing in Hamarikyu Park, Tokyo.

Winner, National Awards: ‘Mount Elbrus’ by Sergey Savenko (Russian Federation)

About this photo: ‘Bermamyt Plateau. The best place with a view of Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain peak in Russia and Europe, included in the list of the highest peaks of the world “Seven Peaks”.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘The Game of Shadows’ by Jacek Patora (Poland)

About this photo: ‘This image was taken a few days after 2019’s New Year’s Eve in Lisbon, Portugal.

I always wanted to take a photograph of this famous bridge covered in fog, and that day turned out to be perfect. I took this shot as I was astonished by the shapes created by the light and shadows, the perfect lines and people’s silhouettes. Lisbon is famous for it’s incredible light, and advection fogs like that one are a common sight there. They occur when moist air passes over a cool surface of the river Tagus, creating this breathtaking sight.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘Horse Motion’ by Abbas Alkhamis (Saudi Arabia)

About this photo: ‘A horse breeder plays a horse in one of the stables of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘Sur La Mer’ by Roberto Corinaldesi (Italy)

About this photo: ‘Swimmers seen from above take on the appearance of human ants.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘Mobil Home’ by Greg Lecoeur (France)

About this photo: ‘During an expedition on a small sailboat, we explored the Antarctica Peninsula by diving below the surface. Although the conditions are extreme with a temperature of minus 1°C, we have documented an extraordinary marine life in its fragile ecosystem such as on this image: crab-eater seals living on the pack-ice but witch are affected by global warming with the melting of the ice.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘Descend from Above’ by Tien Sang Kok (Malaysia)

About this photo: ‘Hundreds of horses are galloping when the sun is about to shine its last ray. It is traditionally said that a Mongol without a horse is like a bird without a wing, this is how strong the bond between human being and animal that we should appreciate.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘Red Day’ by Kiatthaworn Khorthawornwong (Thailand)

About this photo: The beauty of Mount Fuji is highlighted in Autumn at Kawaguchigo Lake, Japan.

Winner, National Awards: ‘Dubai’ by Antonio Bernardino Coelho (Portugal)

About this photo: ‘Based on an image of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and surrounding skyline in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this still life was made out of staples of various sizes. The staples were positioned on black glass with a black background, and lit via three independent sources.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘Fun Fair’ by Wolfgang Wiesen (Germany)

About this photo: ‘A multi-exposure of people on a chairoplane.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘Building’ by Liliana Ochoa (Columbia)

About this photo: ‘Workers assemble an iron structure during the construction of a building in Medellín, Colombia. This is a common scene in urban areas, and reflects the overflowing and uncontrolled growth of modern cities.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘Sunset’ by Atanas Chulev (Bulgaria)

About this photo: ‘The photo was taken in one of the excavated tunnels and galleries during the First World War. Most of them can be seen on Via Ferrata De Luca-Innerkofler, but it is advisable to go with the Via Ferrata kit.’

Winner, National Awards: ‘That’s Nothing to Laugh About’ by Adam Stevenson (Australia)

About this photo: ‘This image was taken with my iPhone X close to my home at Wallabi Point, New South Wales, Australia, after devastating bushfires swept through the area. As I watched the sun set through the smoke a kookaburra appeared and allowed me to walk right up to it. We shared a moment, watching the sun fade behind the apocalyptic scene… he was laughing.’

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