OPC OPTICS announced on Tuesday that it will revive the Meyer Optik Görlitz brand it acquired in late 2018 with a debut at Photokina 2020 in Germany later this year. The company will bring half a dozen new lenses with it, including the Trioplan 100, Trioplan 50, Trioplan 35, Primoplan 75, Primoplan 58 and the Lydith 30.

The Meyer Optik Görlitz saga is a long one. The brand returned from the dead in 2014 when it was acquired by Net SE, which revived the lenses by using Kickstarter campaigns. Fast-forward to 2018 and Net SE was revealed to be insolvent; Kickstarter backers didn’t get their lenses and weren’t able to get refunds, either.

That led to the brand’s acquisition by OPC Optics in late 2018, something that soon resulted in a frustrating revelation: Meyer Optik Görlitz Nocturnus and Somnium lenses produced under Net SE were modified versions of Chinese and Russian lenses. OPC Optics disclosed the findings, saying that it would temporarily discontinue both of those ranges.

In the company’s most recent announcement this week, OPC Optics Managing Director Timo Heinze discussed the upcoming Photokina plans and the lenses that will premiere there, saying:

‘All lenses are completely developed and manufactured in Germany with the utmost care and attention to detail. The exclusive image design features of Meyer Optik Görlitz lenses enable the user to stand out from the crowd with an individual image language. We are proud of the high-quality realization of our product developments, but even more proud of all the impressive and unique results that photographers have created so far and will create with the new versions of Meyer Optik Görlitz’s lenses.’

Each lens will be presented at Photokina 2020 alongside 10 large format prints captured with the product. As of the latest report, the trade show is still set to go and will take place in Cologne, Germany, from May 27 to May 30.

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