Serif has announced an update to its Affinity suite of software, including a version 1.8 update to Affinity Photo. Although not a major overhaul, the update does bring a number of much-requested features and changes.

One of the most welcomed changes in the Affinity 1.8 update is the addition of CR3 support. Now, Canon users can open images captured in Canon’s newest Raw file format. The update also improves lens correction tools, which includes the ability for manual correction override and better functionality when correcting Raw images captured with fixed focal length lenses. Serif has also added improved plugin support within Affinity Photo, including support for Nik Collection 2.5 from DxO.

Support for Canon’s CR3 files has been one of the most-requested features for Affinity Photo.

Other updates include new template functionality, a unified toolbar for macOS users and improved metadata handling that allows you to both edit IPTC data and import XMP metadata files for batch editing. The iPad version of Affinity Photo also gains customizable keyboard shortcuts, bringing it more in line with the desktop version of Affinity Photo.

From Affinity: ‘New support in Affinity Photo for user-editable fields in image metadata, including the IPTC standard for copyright and other information. Plus, save and import metadata files (XMP), batch whole folders of images and tag with appropriate ownership info, and more.’

Affinity Photo 1.8 should be available as an update across your desktop and mobile devices that already have it installed. To find out more or to purchase Affinity Photo, which is available on iPadOS, macOS and Windows devices, head over to Serif’s website.

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