What do you do with all of the extra 35mm film canisters you have after getting your film developed? Well, if you’re photographer Alireza Rostami, you turn the film canisters themselves into cameras.

For his latest project, Rostami took hundreds of empty 35mm cassettes and taped them together to create the structure needed to make a pair of ‘Unity’ cameras: a 4×5 large format camera and a 120 medium format camera that uses what appears to be a Mamiya RB67 lens and film back. Above is a gallery of the two cameras, both as a final product and in progress during the build. The below gallery shows off a few of the test photos captured with the cameras:

In an email to DPReview, Rostami says the symbolic idea arose while dwelling on the idea of ‘peace and unity’ after reading through The Diary of a Young Girl, a collection of writings kept by Anne Frank while she was in hiding with her family as the Nazis occupied the Netherlands. Because of this inspiration, Rostami says he dedicated the pair of cameras to the late Anne Frank and George Eastman, a man who’s inspired Rostami through his drive and innovation throughout his career.

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