If you’d like to use your collection of lens filters not only with your DSLR or mirrorless lenses but also your smartphone camera, Moondog Labs’ latest product might be worth a closer look: the company’s new Multi-Camera Filter Mount lets you attach photo filters, for example neutral density or polarizing filters, with a standard 52mm diameter to your smartphone.

The holder works with any phone for which bayonet mount cases from manufacturers such as Moment, Rhinoshield or Sirui are available. The Moondog filter holder then clips onto the bayonet mount and, with a filter attached, covers all lenses in a multi-lens array, allowing for use with smartphone ultra-wide, standard-wide and tele lenses. Larger filters can be attached using a step-up ring.

The Moondog Labs Multi-Camera Filter Mount is available now for $35 on the Moondog Labs website.

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