Motion smoothing, the controversial TV setting that uses interpolation to reduce motion blur, will be addressed with a previously announced television feature called Filmmaker Mode. During CES 2020, the UHD Alliance offered an update about this setting, revealing that Samsung, Kaleidescape and Philips/TP Vision will offer Filmmaker Mode on some of their 2020 television models.

Filmmaker Mode was first announced by the UHD Alliance in August 2019 with support from directors like Martin Scorses, Christopher Nolan and Rian Johnson. The goal of this setting is to present movies in the way they were intended by the filmmaker, including with the original frame rates, aspect ratios and colors.

Below is a brief video explainer of motion smoothing, provided by Vulture:

Motion smoothing has proven controversial among consumers and filmmakers alike. Though the technology is effective at reducing motion blurs, many viewers complain that it adds an unwanted visual effect that makes the content less enjoyable to watch. Most modern TVs, including many budget models, now offer motion smoothing as a standard feature, though some manufacturers make it possible to disable the setting.

In addition to the manufacturers announced at CES, Vizio, Panasonic and LG were previously revealed as companies that will also offer Filmmaker Mode on select television models starting in 2020.

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