Several owners of GoPro’s Karma drone have reported problems flying since the start of the new year after finding their drones failing to find a GPS signal. 

According to a report by The Verge, there have been multiple complaints online and via Twitter from around the world of owners have issues with the Karma. These issues are seemingly linked to GPS signal and the GLONASS satellite systems – a problem that has affected several other devices from other brands too.

A software update might be enough to fix the drone, but GoPro hasn’t pushed any updates for the Karma since the end of 2018. 

This is not the first time that GoPro has had issues with the Karma drone. In 2016 the company was forced to recall it due to loss of power issues that saw drones falling out of the sky. Later the company decided to abandon drones altogether after it failed to get any traction. 

This latest problem is certainly not ideal for those who did splash out for the drone all those months ago. 

Engadget reports that GoPro has said that “engineering is actively troubleshooting” the issue but there is no current timeframe on when there might be a fix. 

Some users have reported that there is a temporary workaround that involves disabling the drone’s GPS, but that’s clearly less than ideal. The company has said it will post to let owners know when the issue is fixed. 

Author: Adrian Willings Go to Source