DJI is joining in with the Black Friday fun, and is discounting a handful its best products. If you’ve been holding out for drone, or one of the awesome little Osmo cameras, you’re in luck. 

The deals include the Osmo Action (the company’s GoPro competitor), Osmo Pocket (handheld tiny gimbal) and the epic Mavic 2 Pro (probably the best drone it’s ever made for consumers). 

Starting with the drone, if you head over to Amazon now, you can get the Hasselblad camera-equipped Mavic 2 Pro for £1,199. That’s a 10 per cent discount on the usual £1,331 price point. 

This particular drone is for sure our favourite Mavic so far, offering the best camera it’s ever put on a drone with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor, but also epic battery life and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. 

It’s the most fully equipped drone in the Mavic series to date, which shoots really good photos and video. 

As for the Osmo Pocket, that’s DJI’s epic little pocket-sized handheld gimbal with a built in camera. It was launched around a year ago and is a heck of a lot of fun to use. 

Again on Amazon, you can pick this little 4K shooter up for £279.00, saving you £50.00 on the full retail price. See that offer here. 

As discounts go, however, it’s the Osmo Action that’s seen its price drop the furthest. 

This is DJI’s answer to GoPro, offering really good video and still images, amazing stabilisation and a rugged build for just £229.00 currently. That’s a saving of £100.00 on the full retail price. You can find that deal here. 

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Author: Cam Bunton Go to Source