Hands-on with the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2

Peak Design has updated the entire Everyday line of camera bags and we got early access to the new Everyday Backpack V2 (20L). Of all the bags in PD’s Everyday line, we’re told the original Everyday backpack is by far the most popular – it’s a bag we thoroughly enjoyed using when we reviewed it and a pack that several of us on staff own personally.

Version 2 brings about several small, yet meaningful changes including stronger zippers, a new shape (that’s less likely to fall over), more comfortable straps and updated hardware. Keep reading for all the details.

New shape

The Everyday Backpack V2 (right) has a slightly more rounded shape than the original backpack (left). It also leans forward less when placed on the ground making it less likely to fall over, a common annoyance associated with the original model.

Peak Design also redesigned the bag to include fewer noticeable seams. It’s hard to tell in the image above, but less exposed seams means less places water or dirt could penetrate. The bag is also slightly lighter than the original by about 150 grams (5.3 oz).

New zippers

Every exterior zipper on the bag has been redesigned. We’re told zipper failure is the most common ‘end of life’ point for most PD bags, so the brand decided to create a better zipper. To do this, they partnered with company Zoom zippers to develop the proprietary ‘UltraZip’.

According the Peak Design, ‘UltraZips use Ultra-High Molecular-Weight Thermoplastic thread to bind the zipper coil to fabric tape. This increases zipper strength 20x compared to standard, out of the box zippers from YKK.’

Having dealt with blown zippers on first generation Peak Design bags, we really appreciate the effort the brand has put into solving this all-too-common problem. Less blown zippers are good for everyone: the customer (less annoyance), the brand (less repairs) and the environment (less bags that could ultimately end up in the trash).

Redesigned straps

The straps on the new Everyday Backpack have also received a slight redesign. Additional foam has been added and the shape has been adjusted to better contour to the body. These are small changes but they add up to a bag that’s a bit more comfortable to carry.

Another nice update is the addition of magnets in each strap that allow them to attach to the back of the bag when not in use. This is especially handy for keeping them out of the way if you’re using the luggage pass-though.

New interior pockets

First generation Peak Design Everyday backpacks offered one big zipping pocket on either interior flap with organizational pockets inside. The new version instead offers a lower zippered pocket (still with organizational pockets within) and an upper pocket that closes magnetically. Opinions on staff were mixed about whether we’d prefer a single pocket or two separate ones, but everyone agreed the magnetic closure is slick.

Updated magnetic latch

We’ve long been big fans of Peak Design’s ‘Maglatch’ – it allows storage to expand or contract as needed with four points to latch to. On V2 the latch itself has been slightly redesigned to be sleeker and easier to open with one hand. The design also makes it possible to open the bag silently if needed.

Redesigned expansion straps

In general, all of the hardware on the backpack has gone through a redesign including the hooks on the external carrying straps. These straps are tucked inside the bag but can be deployed as needed to attach stuff like a jacket or sleeping bag. The new hooks on these straps are easier to engage with the anchor loops compared to the old ones.

Speaking of anchor loops, they’ve also been redesigned to be more low profile. Additionally, Peak Design has added more of them throughout the bag, further expanding its carrying capability.

Weatherproofed exterior

Weatherproofing is not new to the Everyday line. In fact one of the reasons we love these bags is they can survive rainy Seattle winters without a rain cover. The exterior is made of 100% recycled* 400D nylon that’s double poly-coated to repel water. So rain or shine, your stuff stays dry.

*The black bag is not made of recycled materials, all other colors are.

Flex-fold dividers and laptop storage

Anyone familiar with Peak Design bags is familiar with the company’s unique ‘Flex-Fold’ dividers. These inserts can be bent and contoured in various ways to accommodate a wide variety of gear. Here’s a video to better explain them. The Everyday bag 20L ships with three.

And like the original Everyday backpack, a zippered compartment in the back provides space for a laptop. This compartment offers two sections with varying depths for either a 15-inch or a 13-inch computer, ensuring regardless of your laptop’s size, it’ll be at your fingertips when you unzip (unless of course it’s an 11-inch).

Availability and price

Peak Design’s new Everyday Backpack V2 is available now in Black (shown here), Tan, Ash, Charcoal as well as new color: Midnight Navy. The 20L is $259.95 and 30L is $289.95. For more info head to PeakDesign.com.

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