Adobe lays out future features and functionality coming to Photoshop for iPad

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After a long wait, Adobe finally released Photoshop for iPad earlier this month. Just like the desktop software, the iPad version lets you work with Adobe’s .psd files and syncs your work to the Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing for cross-platform editing.

However, compared to Photoshop for Mac or PC the iPad version lacks many features that left users who had been looking to editing on the Apple tablet, disappointed. At launch, Adobe said that more powerful features, such as Select Subject, Refine Edge, canvas rotation and improved brush options would be added over time as the company learns ‘more about how customers use Photoshop on a mobile device.’

Select Subject feature

Now Adobe is providing more detail on timelines and features that are to come in a blog post. By the end of this year Photoshop for iPad users will be able to use the AI-powered Select Subject feature which lets you isolate objects in the scene from the background. In 2020 the Refine Edge brush for making selections of fine detail, such as hair, will be made available.

For now iPad users also have to make do without adjustment layers. At least a curves adjustment layers will also be made available in 2020 but there is no word on other types of adjustment layers yet.

Refine Edges feature

Other features on the schedule for 2020 are the ability to rotate the canvas, brush sensitivity features and Lightroom integration which will allow you to make adjustments to photos in the mobile version of Lightroom and then continue editing in Photoshop.

It still seems like Adobe took the ‘minimum viable product’ approach with Photoshop for iPad as the app is still a long way from the desktop version, making it difficult for creatives to switch between the two.

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