Tired of flakey internet speeds the further you get from your main home router? Sky Broadband has announced a new ‘WiFi Guarantee’ that wants to make all of the ISP’s Broadband Boost customers happy with their performance all over the home.

The WiFi Guarantee promises that if a customer isn’t happy with their signal anywhere at all in the home, then they get their money back.

It’s a lofty claim – how is Sky going to manage to make good on this? Firstly, this is specifically for those signing up to the Sky Broadband Boost package. That means they will be sent out the latest Sky Broadband Hub that crams in a massive eight antennas for better signal across floors and rooms in most homes.

Secondly, this slow level of speed has been measured by Sky. The minimum speed will be 3Mb, as tested through the Sky online checker or via the My Sky app and if you don’t get that then you can file for a claim. This will mean you get the full amount paid for Sky Broadband Boost right back to the start of your contract. It will also mean the Boost fee is waived for the rest of your contract.

“Innovation that matches customers’ connectivity needs”

This promise comes into practice from Friday, September 6 and will not only apply to new Broadband Boost customers but to anyone already on that package right now. Sky Broadband Boost with WiFi Guarantee will be available from £5 per month and can be added to any Sky Broadband package.

Aman Bhatti, Head of Propositions for Sky, said: “WiFi Guarantee reflects Sky’s commitment to innovation and technology that matches our customers’ evolving connectivity needs.

“The need for fast and reliable broadband that reaches every room is more important than ever before

“Our WiFi Guarantee, combined with the new Sky Hub, genuinely guarantees a strong signal in every room of the house – strong enough to stream movies and TV from Sky Go and Netflix – or your money back.”  

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