Parrot is retiring some of its consumer-focused drones, with reports that the Mambo and Swing lines are coming to an end. That will see Parrot make an exit from the toy drone category.

A Wirecutter staffer originally reported that retail stock has been running to an end via Twitter. The news was then later confirmed to The Verge. We have approached Parrot for confirmation and are awaiting a response.

The news perhaps shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Recent launches and evolutions of Parrot’s drones have focused on commercial applications, with the addition of things like thermal imaging or pitched at agricultural use as the company looks to shift itself towards this segment of the market. 

The Anafi – the company’s folding drone – has seen a number of such evolutions, while the mainstay of the consumer offering, the Bebop 2, has been rather static since its 2016 launch, with the most recent change a battery upgrade in 2017. 

DJI now dominates the consumer drone market with models such as the Mavic Air and Spark, while Parrot’s recent corporate changes have seen the company move from the automotive and Bluetooth devices that it was originally known for, to become all about drones.

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