Update [29/5]: Following earlier rumors of an S1S model, it seems the new camera may now be called the Panasonic S1H, according to L Mount rumors.

There are mounting rumors of a video-focused S-series camera from Panasonic, possibly called the Panasonic S1H, and we may get confirmation as early as this week.

L-mount Rumors, which comments on news and speculation on all things L-mount, claims that a highly reliable source has informed it that Panasonic will “definitely” be announcing a new L-mount camera on May 31.

The company currently offers the S1R (left) and S1 (right) in its new S line of cameras, along with three lenses. Image credit: Panasonic

The site goes on to state that the camera has a full-frame sensor, like the existing two S-series models, and that it’s built like a tank (also very much like those two models). 

A more recent update stated that the model will record 6K24p video and 4K60p video, the former not currently available across Panasonic’s G-series and S-series models. 

Other specs include 10bit 4:2:2 footage captured internally to 30p, together with 60p output through the HDMI port and Log shooting. The body is also apparently slightly larger than the S1 and S1R to provide better heat dissipation. 

Such a move would mirror the company’s Micro Four Thirds G-series line, in that it built the foundations with stills-focused cameras before branching out into more video-focused GH offerings. 

As we found in our reviews of the S1 and S1R models, both capture high-quality 4K video footage, but they remain behind models like the GH5 and GH5S in terms of overall video functionality.  

What we expect to see

Assuming the model will offer 6K rather than 8K video, the sensor inside the new model is likely to have a lower resolution than the 47MP sensor inside the S1R. Should the model record 8K footage, however, it will need to have a sensor closer to 36MP.

The sensor inside the S1R offers 47.3MP (effective) – the highest yet for a full-frame mirrorless camera – although the new model is likely to have a less densely populated sensor. Image credit: Panasonic 

Neither the S1 nor the S1R have Log shooting as standard, this being an optional paid-for update. This was the same approach as the previous video-centric GH5, so it wouldn’t be safe to assume Panasonic would include this here – although this is what the rumors point to.

Other features we’d expect to see include a full-size HDMI out, 3.5mm sockets for headphones and microphones, and an HLG setting. 

Of course, nothing has been confirmed from Panasonic as of yet, and it may well turn out to be something other than a new camera. Some have speculated it may simply be a video-centric lens or firmware update to an exciting GH model, although a GH6 update to the GHS5 / GHS5 camera would certainly be very welcome too. 

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