Nikon mirrorless camera announcement August 23

Nikon mirrorless camera announcement set for August 23

After yesterday’s teaser video appearing to show Nikon’s new mirrorless camera, it now looks like we have an official launch date of August 23.

While initial rumors had suggested an announcement on July 23, it turns out this was actually the start of the official teaser campaign from Nikon, with the company posting the Travel of Light video and also launching a dedicated Nikon mirrorless website.

Japanese website Nokishita has been looking at the Nikon site in some depth and spotted a countdown timer set for August 23, with a livestream set to kick off at 1pm in Japan, which is 5am BST, Midnight EDT and 2pm AEST.

New Nikon mirrorless camera: more pictures

Nikon mirrorless camera announcement August 23

As well as the release date info, has managed to get hold of some more images of the new Nikon mirrorless camera.

The first shot appears to be captured front-on, showing a raised front where the electronic viewfinder will sit, with what looks like a large dioptre adjustment on the right-hand side. The image also appears to show the pronounced handgrip just on the edge of the frame.

The second image doesn’t give too much away, displaying a cross-section of the lens mount, while the third image gives us a slightly clearer view of what the camera looks like. While it’s still hard to pick out details, the camera itself looks similar in size to a Sony Alpha A7 series camera, while the lens could be Nikon’s rumored 24-70mm f/4 – it looks like we’ll know everything in a few weeks.

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